Make sure that you clean your dog’s ears before you leave them alone to play or walk. This will keep your dog safe and healthy. Helping Dogs Cool Off – How to Keep Your Dog Cool

Can dogs ears get too hot? There are several issues with overheating that dogs are susceptible to.

dogs ears hot

Your dog’s overheated will suffer from skin problems and heatstroke. With it’s long coat and thick neck, it can feel like it is a constant burning sensation but really isn’t. You can help your dog cool off by keeping their head and ears covered.

In this article I will explain some ways to keep your dog cool as well as help them cool off by helping the skin stay moist and moisturized. Your dog’s eyes and skin will be more prone to dry out if they are not properly hydrated.

The easiest and probably the best, easy way to keep your dog cool is through water. We all know dogs get thirsty and need water so this is a great way to keep them hydrated and keep them cool too.

You can gently and very gently wipe your dog’s ears from top to bottom. This works by drawing air from the top of the ear forward. It gets this air moving so the skin stays moist.

You can use a clean towel to apply this process to the ear area too. By doing this you can help the skin to breathe and stay moist.

Another way to help your dog’s ears stay cool is by keeping the tail of their shirts outside of their clothing. This can help to keep the body warm.

Use a place to ventilate the dog’s ears too. There are a couple places that can help but I personally recommend that you keep your own supply of air fresh.

I live in Minnesota, so my choice is to have a fan blowing on me when I go outside to cool my skin cool. This keeps the temperature low and keeps the humidity low too.

As long as you keep in mind these tips you should be fine with the above methods. I think that keeping them cool is the most important thing.

If you do keep your dog’s ears covered then they will be much more protected than if they were not. You may also be able to prevent other issues like ear mites and ear problems.