Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You see your dog eating grass, and you think to yourself “wow, that’s really weird”, right? Wrong! Just like with so many other animal behaviors which appear bizarre to us, there are lots of human Spread urban myths about why dogs literally eat grass. Read on to learn more about some of these crazy theories.

Many people believe that dogs who have a poor diet, especially one that is not well balanced will become more hyper and anxious, possibly even have trouble sleeping at night. This is actually true for a lot of dogs. If your dog has a poor diet, especially one based on commercial dog food, then it is possible that your dog may have an upset stomach or may be prone to getting gas.

Some people believe that because dogs have paws that are made for walking on the ground, that they are therefore naturally supposed to eat grass, because of the way the laws are designed. Although the way a dog’s paws work is still being studied, it seems to make little difference in the way they act when they are eating grass or what they are normally used to. Other people believe that because dogs have very distinct hair, they must need to be in the same environment as they do, therefore, eating grass would be normal behavior for them. Again, there is no evidence to support this.

Another of the common urban myths is that because dogs eat grass and drink water, they must be getting plenty of nutrients from their environment. There is absolutely no evidence to support this at all, so it is probably best to discard this concept completely, along with the others that mention dogs are wolves.

One popular theory is that dogs were meant to eat grass and were given the command to do so by their ancestors. This theory has some support, as there are many physiological similarities between modern day dogs and their ancestors. It is also worth remembering that all mammals, even humans, have been given a dietary program by Mother Nature. Therefore, the question of why do dogs eat grass is a more complicated one than most people realize.

When dogs eat grass, they are not doing it because their natural ancestors ate grasses. They are doing it because of the quality of the commercial dog food that they are eating. Many people think that dogs should be eating human grade dog food. The only problem with this concept is that it ignores the fact that humans invented dog food, which we eat ourselves.

As mentioned earlier, the reason why do dogs eat grass eating is connected to the quality of the diet that they are eating. For example, if the dog food that you are purchasing contains too many by-products, or if the meat that is used for making the food is not well suited to the needs of the dog, you will find that your dog has health problems. In order for you to provide your dog with the best possible diet, you must be a veterinarian yourself. As a veterinarian, you will know that it is important to make sure that the dietary needs of a dog are met and that you are feeding them the right things.

The next time that you ask yourself, “Why do dogs eat grass?”, you will want to do some more research about what you are feeding your dog, in order to eliminate the possibility of providing unhealthy food choices. Your veterinarian can provide you with all of the information that you need about proper nutrition for your dog and lawn care for your yard. There is no excuse for not learning everything that you can about keeping your yard in a good condition and about the behavior that your dog has when he sees the grass and the weeds.